Power Britania! Guitarrazos power pop y saltos nuevaoleros (Disquetera! Vol. X)

1 The Shape Of Things To Come (1979) The Headboys

2 Change My Mind (1979) The Pleasers

3 The Time Is Right For Us (1980) The Slowguns

4 I’ve Got A Heart (1978) The Realists

5 Trouble With Love (1981) Any Trouble

6 Brickfield Nights (1978) The Boys

7 Hearts In Her Eyes (1980) The Records

8 Your Very Eyes (1979) Shoes

9 Can We Go Dancing (1980) The Amber Squad

10 Girl Of My Dreams (1979) Bram Tchaikovsky

11 Hothead Handshake Tremble (1979) Charlie Fawn

12 Fighting My Way Back (1979) The Incredible Kidda Band

13 Up the Junction (1979) Squeeze

14 One Way Street (1981) Aces

15 Just a Camera (1980) The Keys

16 Nobody Loves Me (1980) The Letters

17 Spring Collection (1980) The Vapors

18 Another Girl, Another Planet (1978) The Only Ones

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