Cuidado, han afilado sus guitarras: ¡El ataque de las chicas garageras! (Disquetera Vol XVII)



1.Big Bad Wolf / Sham-Ettes

2.You Just Gotta Known My Mind / Karen Verros

3.International Girl / The Beas

4.Quite A Reputation / The Chymes

5.It Wont Las Long / Patti’s Groove

6.What a Way to Die / Pleasure Seekers

7.I’m Never Gonna Cry Again / Joanna Gault

8.Baby I Dig Your Love / The What Four

9.You told me a lie / Jenny & the Rascals

10.Why Do You Hang Around Me / The Liverbirds

11.Mr Genie Man / Society Children

12.Hurtin’ Kind / The Bittersweets

13.Putty in Your Hands / Jean & the Statesides

14.You Don’t Love Me / The Starlates

15.Don’t Waste My Time / The Daughters of Eve

16.He Doesn’t Love Me / The Breakaways

17.Up Down Sue / The Luv’d Ones

18.Love Hit Me / The Orchids

19.I Don’t Love You No More / Continental Co-ets

20.Boy, What’ll You Do Then / Denise & Co.

21.The Skip / Goldie & The Gingerbreads


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