Guitarrazos Down Under: Tengo un garage en Australia (Disquetera Vol. XX)

1.Someday / Tony Barber
2.Of Hopes, Dreams and Tombstones / The Purple Hearts
3.Not This Time / The Black Diamonds
4.High Time Baby / Peter Doyle
5.Every Minute of You / Marty Rhone & The Soul Agents
6.Saturday Date / Toni McCann
7.Woman You Are Breaking Me / The Groop
8.Um, Um, Um, Um / Python Lee Jackson
9.Good Evening Girl / Johnny Young
10.I Want / Steve and The Board
11.Hot Generation / The Sunsets
12.Peace of Mind / The Lost Souls
13.Turn My Head / Throb
14.Wild About You / The Missing Links
15.Black Sheep RIP / The Australian Playboys
16.I Gotta Move / The Allusions

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Power (pop) para las masas: Disquetera Vol. XIX


1.Happy To Be Sad / The Beatifics
2.Whisper Softly / Myracle Brah
3.She’s Only Cool / Cotton Mather
4.Who Put The Devil In You / You Am’I
5.Where Do We Go / The Shazam
6.Where Has Your Lover Gone / Wanderlust
7.Sea of Tranquility / The Roswells
8.Haemophiliac / Autopilot
9.We’re Past All That / David Grahame
10.Cruel Girl / The Red Button
11.Karen Valentine / Idle Jets
12.Barrier Reef / Old’97
13.Skywriter /Lazy Susan
14.California Sunshine / The Blondes
15.One Day With Melody Love / Bronco Bullfrog
16.My Blank Pages / Velvet Crush

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Primaveracasiverano: Acid Spring Folk (Disquetera Vol. XVIII)


1.Song of the Magician / Tim Buckley

2.Lovin´Day / The Status Cymbal

3.Gentle People / The Flower Pot

4.My Imagination / P.K. Limited

5.Crucify Your Mind / Sixto Rodríguez

6.My Mind at Ease / The Collage

7.I’ll Cry Out From My Grave / Brigadune

8.See My Love / Gentle Soul

9.Walking My Cat Named Dog / Norma Tanega

10.Misty Morning Confrontation / Bill Howdy

11.Nothing Last / Karen Beth

12.Rain Doll / The Serendipity Singers

13.Just Another Day / Midnight Shift

14.You’ve Got To Be Kidding / Dick Campbell

15.Past the State of Mind / Jim & Dale

16.Blood of Oblivion / The Rainy Daze

17.Don’t Hide Your Love From Me / The Folklords

18.Windy / Ruthann Friedman

19.Absolutely The End / Andy Robinson

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Cuidado, han afilado sus guitarras: ¡El ataque de las chicas garageras! (Disquetera Vol XVII)



1.Big Bad Wolf / Sham-Ettes

2.You Just Gotta Known My Mind / Karen Verros

3.International Girl / The Beas

4.Quite A Reputation / The Chymes

5.It Wont Las Long / Patti’s Groove

6.What a Way to Die / Pleasure Seekers

7.I’m Never Gonna Cry Again / Joanna Gault

8.Baby I Dig Your Love / The What Four

9.You told me a lie / Jenny & the Rascals

10.Why Do You Hang Around Me / The Liverbirds

11.Mr Genie Man / Society Children

12.Hurtin’ Kind / The Bittersweets

13.Putty in Your Hands / Jean & the Statesides

14.You Don’t Love Me / The Starlates

15.Don’t Waste My Time / The Daughters of Eve

16.He Doesn’t Love Me / The Breakaways

17.Up Down Sue / The Luv’d Ones

18.Love Hit Me / The Orchids

19.I Don’t Love You No More / Continental Co-ets

20.Boy, What’ll You Do Then / Denise & Co.

21.The Skip / Goldie & The Gingerbreads


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Bailen, enloquezcan: Retromodernismos cap. 2 (Disquetera Vol. XVII)



1.Get Down / The Filthy Six

2.Diabolique / Les Spadassins

3.All I Can Do / The Mergers

4.Forget About That / The Vanjas

5.Shelter Song / Temples

6.Running Out of Time / Quitty and The Don’ts

7.Penny (Won’t Help Me Now) / Thomas McConnell

8.Baby Caught the Bus / Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes

9.All Night Long / The Frowning Clouds

10.Nobody Told Me / Vintage Trouble

11.Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind) / Allah Las

12.La vida es un carrusel / Los Guajes

13.You’ve Become a Witch / The Electric Mess

14.I Didn’t Mean To Break Your Heart / The Delegators

15.Unmasked Forever / New Street Adventures

16.Where’s The Man / Timo Lassy

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Sweet Caribe: Enter The Calypsonians! (Disquetera Vol. XVI)



1.No More Rockin’ No More Rollin’ / Mighty Sparrow

2.This Long Time Gal a Never see You / Monty Reynolds & The Silver Sears Orchestra

3.Teddy Boy Calypso (Cat-o-Nine) / Lord Invader

4.King & Queen / Lord Creator

5.Belinda / Lord Ivanhoe and His Caribbean Knights

6.Hard Time / Count Alert, Lynn Taitt & Baba Brooks Band

7.The Devil / Lord Melody

8.Calypso Be / Young Tiger (George Brown)

9.A Man is a Man / Calypso Rose

10.Last Night the Landlord Near Kill Me / Lord Christo

11.January Girls / Lord Kitchener

12.Victory Test March / Lord Beginner

13.Come Leh We Go / King Fighter

14.Jean and Dinah / Guest Star: Robert Mitchum

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